Capacity building trainings

Legal protection & safe online activism

Image of PSCC members holding a capacity building training.
PSCC members holding a capacity building training. Photo: PSCC

The PSCC is providing capacity building training to students as well as youth living in the areas the most targeted by Israeli settler colonialism, in particular in the Jordan Valley, Masafer Yatta and Palestinian towns impacted by the illegal annexation project of “Greater Jerusalem”.

To strengthen the capacities of Palestinian youth, in particular young activists under the threat of arrest and detention due to their engagement in human rights defense activities, the training focuses on legal protection and safe online activism, covering topics according to the needs of the participants such as:


Help resist Israeli colonialism

The Faz3a Campaign is an urgent call to internationals to join Palestinians in solidarity against indigenous erasure. Join us here on the ground from October to November in some of the most vulnerable communities.